Why 6?

We want to bring people together in unconventional ways. Don't expect networking events, boring seminars, or empowering female singing.

1. Business Behind-the-Scenes

Have you ever wanted to know how other people in your industry run their business? 

Business behind-the-scenes is an intimate bi-monthly event that allows you to meet a fellow business owner and learn the tricks of her trade. The event takes place in the owner’s place of business and gives you a rare glimpse of the realities of running a business.

2. Business Book Club

Once a month, we’ll discuss a business book and get to know each other. 

Books are excellent mentors, but sometimes important concepts go right over our heads. It’s not only fun to discuss differing views with others, but you may make great friends as well.

3. Business Buddies

Do you ever get lonely or bored in your business? Business Buddies can help. 

Yes, it sounds silly. But all Business Buddies is, is a matching resource. We’ll match you with a fellow entrepreneur for one month. You and your “buddy” will keep each other accountable. Your “buddy” is your sounding board. Each month, you’ll be rematched with another entrepreneur.

4. Online Forum

If you have questions that you need answers to (or opportunities that you want to share), you can share them on our private forum? 

You can log in to our forum with your Facebook profile. The forum allows you to look up members, send private messages, join groups, and update others on what you are doing. Eventually, MWB will add a job board to the forum.

5. Member-Led Workshops

We hate basic workshops. Members can apply to host their own workshops and we’ll help them take it to the next level.

We’re a community after all and we should learn from each other. The only catch is that workshops must be useful and in-depth. We personally have a preference for technical workshops or workshops that involve learning by doing. Running a workshop is also an opportunity to make some money, test an idea, and get testimonials.

6. Monthly Hikes

We don’t really like networking events because they can be intimidating. But going for a walk takes you outside and allows you to naturally get to know others.  

Unfortunately, our hikes are only in Toronto. If this is something that you are passionate about having in your area, do let us know and perhaps you can lead a hiking group. Hikes occur on Saturday afternoons and all you need is water, good walking shoes, a warm jacket, and good spirits.

$27/month OR $291/year

Save $33 with a yearly membership.


You must complete an application form before you become a member.

Don’t worry, we just want to get to know. Our community means that world to us and we want to make sure that those who join are doing so for the right reasons.


We define a “minority” as anyone who has ever experienced being different and faced a barrier to access. Our definition extends beyond colour.

We love men, especially dotting fathers, but we are strictly a women-only organization. Many of our services are collaboration-dependent and there is a difference when men get involved.

However, there is always room for exceptions. The reason we make exceptions is that we realize that in order to grow as a community, we often need outside help. If you are a man and are interested in being a member, contact us at pamela@prhound.com.

You have 15 days upon making a purchase to receive a full refund.

Unfortunately no, but we do offer full refunds if you request within 15 days of your purchase.

We look for established female business owners in interesting fields.

Our book club is online, but every six months we hold an in-person session. Unfortunately, in-person sessions are held in Toronto.

We have a “lottery”.  10% from each membership is collected in a fund that is managed by a partnering non-profit. At the end of each year, depending on the size of funds, we award that money to several members who apply for funding.


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