Pamela Ogang

Founder & President of MWB Inc.

“For many minority women, success is not hindered by lack of appetite or ambition, but by a lack of social and financial resources. Minority Women in Business (MWB) Inc. aims to change that reality.”

MWB  Inc. gives minority women professionals and entrepreneurs the tools to get ahead in work and life. Based in Toronto, Canada, MWB Inc. is a growing community of 308+ minority women.

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Phone: +1 (647) 893-3858


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Corporate Knights, with sponsorship support from paper-products manufacturer Kruger Products, decided it was time to shine a light on Canadian youth who have already demonstrated themselves as leaders of sustainable development. The results, as you’ll see in the pages to come, is our Top 30 Under 30 Sustainability Leaders list – an impressive collection of young entrepreneurs, activists, corporate professionals and students eager to make our world a better place.continue reading.

Past Speaking Engagements

Summer Leadership Series Lessons in Leadership” Panelist July 2015

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Business Models that Work & How to Build a Strong Business Foundation April 2015

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